Holder Wallet Purse

March 25, 2008 11:42 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Holder Wallet Purse
Getting my product out there?

I was wondering if anyone can help with this. Last year I looked high and low for a passport holder that did not open like a book and where I could put ID/Credit cards/Cash and still be able to slide in my bording pass. Everything I found was the size of a visible heavy wallet or purse so I decided to make my own. Everyone seem to like it and the thing is, within millimeters, the size of my passport.

Now I wonder if people wouldn’t want to buy it. I’d like to know what the next step is. I want to get a sample done professionally to make it look neater and learn how to do a market research, market it, produce and sell it.

Where do I find this info? I live in Massachusetts so any specific direction would help.
Thank you!


Make an appointment with your local small business development center. They will sit-down with you and act as your business consultant at no charge.

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