Genuine Leather Tote

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Genuine Leather Tote
How much will i get if i pawn these item?

Ok, i need money fast, and i mean big bucks, so pawning seems to be the only answer. I’ve never pawned before, no body close to me has, i dont know why. But i need to know, how much will i get if i pawn these items:

Harley Davidson 2XL W Jacket
Plinio Visiona leather tote
Andre assous tote
Genuine dyed rabbit fur scarf (not the whole scarf, it has like pom poms made of rabbit fur)
Dr Martens 1460 boots (air wair)

So i really want to know how much for each item. all of the items made of leather are genuine leather and/or fur. all products are real, brought them at the same place they were made.(except the scarf, the jacket, which were made in China) I also wanted to pawn a couple of DVD’s, about…7. So, how much, for all?
Plus, how does all the pawning process work?

Generally, pawn shops will not even give you half the value of what you are looking for. I suggest you don’t do it, because you will hardly get anything.

For things like a leather jacket, you may get 20-90 dollars, depending on how generous the owner is.

DVD’s will land you nothing. Guaranteed. 2-5 dollars, even for mainstream DVD’s that are out.

Such things as fur or totes and what not are up to the owners discretion. Generally, most pawn shop owners just look online for the value, then offer you 20% of the actual value. They are scam artists and are out to make money.

If you MUST deal with them, at least try to barter as much as you can before giving away free money.

If you want big bucks fast, I suggest taking a loan if possible, and putting those items on something like craigslist, ebay, or your local paper.

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