Fly Fishing Lodge In Alaska

February 1, 2009 3:36 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

fly fishing lodge in alaska
Good Alaskan fishing trip with my dad?

My dad always wanted me and my brothers on a fishing trip to Alaska, one of the journeys of several days where you stay in a shelter. I was wondering if someone could direct me to a good company that makes these. It can be fly fishing or regular fishing, preferably one that does both. The money is not an issue right now, I'll find a tour and then sort through the money. Thanks for any help

Stay in Soldotna, the Kenai Peninsula, but not fish the Kenai. I have fish twice during the "peak" season and the king is so overrated. First, there as 100 boats on a stretch of 50 yards and according to DFG pass about 2 fish through their sonar scans of fish per hour. Sure the fish are giants, but there is in numbers. Russian River fish for sockeye salmon is a pretty river and fishing couldnt be easier. Kasilof River fish for kings, has much better numbers fish the Kenai. Make sure you take a trip to Homer. It is a road trip two hours and offers fishing for Greenland ridiculous. Literally a fish as bait and are pretty damn big.

Best Recipes of Alaska's Fishing Lodges (Alaska Angling and Hunting Library)

Best Recipes of Alaska’s Fishing Lodges (Alaska Angling and Hunting Library)


Gamble at Iliamna

Gamble at Iliamna


Shelf wear. Owner name written on first end page. Pages are clean and binding is tight….

Fly Fishing Adventure: Alaska Rainbows

Fly Fishing Adventure: Alaska Rainbows


´╗┐Alaska is one of those great fishing & hunting destinations that we all dream of visiting. Wildlife that is unparalleled anywhere else in the United States and few places in the world. Fish populations that are diverse, plentiful and large… Did we mention plentiful and large? The Rainbow trout in Alaska gain a signifiant percentage of their weight going into fall feeding on the eggs of the …

Fly Fishing Adventure: Fish & Bears On Alaska's Alagnak River

Fly Fishing Adventure: Fish & Bears On Alaska’s Alagnak River


The Alagnak River: Where you can fly fish for 5 species of Pacific Salmon, Artic Grayling, Char,Pike & Rainbow Trout. This is magnificent country and some of the best fishing in Alaska. Grizzly Bears, big fish, beautiful scenery with miles & miles of water to fish. Each tide brings another batch of chrome-bright salmon, fresh from the ocean. Katmai National Park / Brooks Falls: World famous …

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