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How do you know when someone is being selfish and not only ignores the needs of others?

I've been over the relationship with a guy distsnce for 2 years now and still have trouble remembering to be considered or about things I might like or need. I visit 2-3 times a month. He plan hunting or fishing on TRIPS (Alaska, Washington eatern, Oregon) and not even think I'd like to go. or to say that nobody takes much time off work to camp or travel with my … Tring is only to fill the freezer with meat. Or buy me a gift that has to stay at home (ie, that got me @ 4 ornamental trees planted at home .. gift for my Mother's Day .. also changed the location of where I wanted them planted cousin told me he didn't like them there!) when I have addressed this issue with him says I'm being sensitive .. to the needy and enjoys having me in his life …. So why do I feel so for granted? as am I missing here?

Do not you know it or your partner makes it difficult to make a comment. But in the pure facts you have listed, I think you can do better. Your partner seems at least very self-centered in his ways, indicating that neither you need, or is particularly worried about you. He simply assumes, and so far is obviously pretty good. So there is no need for him to change. Do not expect him, if they do, but I would say or promise as well. People above the age of 7 can not change their ways or habits of a significant way. That's a scientific fact. So if I were in your shoes, I find myself another couple, one that cares and shows affection. Too many people, I find that the error that adhere to inadequate long-time partner in the hope that things will to improve. Believe me, they never will. You are in charge of their own lives and responsible for their own happiness.

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