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first national bank of alaska

Banks and Credit Unions Raise $ 37 billion in overdraft fees

New research by Bretton Woods Inc., a consulting firm Bank strategy, United States shows that banks and credit unions collect $ 37 billion in annual expenditure on account of bad checks. Nationally, the average home U.S. faces more than 12 overdraft per year and pays $ 368 per year in fees.

A days pre-paid cash loans would be useful in preventing many overdrafts that have occurred – and rates of one payday loan are less than the cost of a fee for insufficient funds.

The investigation by the bank strategist Michael G. Flores reveals the amount of fees paid by the middle of the home with a checking account and discuss how banks and credit unions are more dependent on these fees for income. There is no reason to believe that this trend will change.

bounced check fees and discovered the protection will impact financial larger and larger homes.

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Key Results:

Fee Income

– Bank credit union income and insufficient funds (NSF) and overdraft program (ODP) fees over $ 37 billion.

– NSF / ODP income by statewide fees of nearly $ 73 million in Alaska to $ 4,070,000,000 in California.

NSF / ODP cost per household

– The annual national cost per household NSF with checking accounts is about $ 368.

– Active households (defined as 20.2 million households with bank accounts or credit union who write the most articles NSF) to pay $ 1,472 in annual installments of NSF.

NSF / ODP Transactions

– The average U.S. household with a bank account incurs 12.7

NSF fees per year.

– Database and cooperative credit models used in Bretton Woods 'determines 1.28 billion of independent verification and electronic items NSF.

– It is estimated that 20.2 million households with bank accounts or credit union to write most of the articles of the NSF (1.02 million) incurred $ 29,700,000,000 in NSF fees or about $ 1,472 in fees for active home.

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