Fairbanks Alaska

August 16, 2009 8:49 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

fairbanks alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska?

I am from south-central Alaska in the beginning. I lived in Fairbanks for over ten years for a short period. I will be moving 6.7 of Tennessee back there and wanted to know what the average electric bill is 500 per square foot one-bedroom apartment. I am looking for two spots rent, utilities are included. I'm trying to see what I choose. Thanks!

When I was looking for apartments in August, all I had to do was call the power company and give them the address and were able to tell me the average bill for people who once lived here. So far, my bill was much lower than the previous tenant, but I'm also offer light shutter notorious, and unplug anything that is not being used (apparatus follow the electric power consumption when they are off).

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