Employment In Alaska

March 31, 2008 11:09 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

employment in alaska
Did you feel people look down on you when you get SSD?

I've been on Social Security Disability since last year and this past year I had cancer. I have worked since 1971 and my health has deteriorated since he really live in Alaska. I underwent cancer surgery twice this year, along with other medical problems. I had the flu about 4 times since surgery, but employment specialists from my church keep sending me information about jobs work for the census. Do you honestly think I can go to work is sick or whatever just make fun of me?

One advantage of these people get papers is a trash can hold all of it. You do not have to discuss their conditions of employment to anyone. They might have good intentions, but in general are being nosy, tell them you are not interested in sharing such information. Why does no care what church is doing to earn a living or the amount of money it receives? Tell them what you are doing with the money is between you and God.

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