Eagle Ultra

July 17, 2008 12:45 PM | Alaskan Eagles

Eagle Ultra
F-22 Raptor vs. F-15 Eagle in battle?

If these 2 fighters got into a dogfight, would the F22 dominate or would the F15 stand a chance? It sounds like the F15 is still an excellent fighter to this day, but the F22 is a ultra high cost, high technology, low production plane costing several times what an F15 does.

F15s are actually a little faster than F22s. I’m sure that doesn’t make much a difference, but it’s still interesting.

This is very similar to the F-22 vs Eurofighter question. It’s not really a fair comparison because the two are designed essentially to do the same role (air superiority) but each accomplish this feat in two completely different ways.

The F-15 is a dogfighter; it goes into the fray and outmanouvres and outshoots enemy aircraft.

The F-22s purpose is to get airborne, shoot down everyone with long rang missiles, then run away before anyone even knows it’s airborne.

The F-15 is more of a boxer while the F-22 is a sniper. In a real world scenario, the F-22 would win every time because the F-15 would be shot down every time before it even knows it’s in a fight. If, for whatever reason, the F-22 were to lose it’s stealth and the F-15 were to get close enough to the sniper to swing some punches, then it would become and interesting fight. The F-22 with thrust vectoring and more modern technologies has significant manouvring capability for just such a scenario, but that’s not what it was built to do so the F-15 may have a slight edge here. In this case, it would likely be whoever gets in behind the other first; in other words, whoever is the better pilot.

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