Eagle Carved

January 4, 2009 5:06 AM | Alaskan Eagles

Eagle Carved
Is this poem good? Give me your opinion.?

Here it is.

Tall mountain reaching up to the sky,
where the moon rests, shining bright,
flowing down from the blizzardy mountain top,
water, carving its path.
The breeze flows through the night
like a ghost, moving through the leaves, rocking
all animals to sleep, helped by the splashing water.
As the water reaches its end, falling down into a
lake, morning is here, the eagles awake, standing
on the peak, watching their land, on the
all mighty mountain.

Give me your opinion,.
Also tell me what this poem makes you image?
Like what image is made up in your mind when you read it?
What do you see? (since this poem was made for a imagery project)
Captain, no insult taken.
After all I did ask for opinion.
Thanks Captain.
Also anyone who thinks they are going to insult me, dont think that, just post what you really think, maybe you can even help me improve.

wow, if u made this this is very good!
i think i imagine a land, full of trees and waterfalls.!
no cars, buildings or poeple!
only dinosaurs (iam being serious) and one massive bad mountain where bad things are!

its awsome thought ty 🙂

Carving an Eagle with a Chainsaw

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