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October 20, 2009 12:54 PM | Alaskan Eagles

Eagle American

6 Secrets Show You How Not To Get Ripped Off When You Buy Fake Silver American Eagles

A large number of fake Silver American Eagle bullion coins that are being produced in China are sold as the “real thing” around the world. With a little bit of knowledge you can avoid becoming the victim of these crooks. This article shows you five things to look for so you won’t be ripped off when you buy American Silver Eagles and where you can buy authentic coins at the lowest prices.

Listen to the Sound

Hold the silver eagle in a white-gloved hand and gently tap it with another coin. If it’s the real thing it will sound like a bell when you tap it. However if it sounds a bit tinny – sort of like a dink – when you tap it, you can be sure that it isn’t made out of silver.

Look at the Coin

Even very experienced coin authenticators often won’t be able to tell you exactly why a coin is a counterfeit. For some reason, though, it just doesn’t seem to look quite right. Real American Silver Eagles have sharp relief and a lovely luster. They definitely don’t look gray and dull. If your gut feeling tells you that it’s a fake you should go with your instincts.

Check the Date

What’s rather amazing is that a large number of the Chinese American Silver Eagle forgeries are dated 1906. How could the forgers not know that the first Silver Eagle was minted eighty years later? If you see a coin with the wrong date don’t think you’ve come upon an ultra-rare error. What you’ve found is a fake. Save yourself some money and do not buy it.

What does the Edge Look Like?

Look at the edge of the coin. If it does not have a reeded edge it is not an authentic Silver Eagle. Most likely it’s one of the fake Chinese coins. Now, even if it is reeded you’ll need to examine it a bit more carefully because although some of the fakes have a reeded edge they also have a seam running around the edge.

What’s the Weight of the Coin?

Genuine American Silver Eagles weigh one troy ounce, which is 31.1 grams. If the coin you’re considering buying weighs less or more than 31.1 grams do not purchase it. Even if everything else might seem right, the weight of a coin is something that most every forger gets wrong.

How to Safely Buy Real American Silver Eagles

If you want to buy real American Silver Eagles one of the safest ways of purchasing them is on eBay and here’s how:

In addition to finding some of the best prices around on eBay you can also check each of the seller’s ratings. What you should look for is a seller who has a lot of positive feedback. The more the better.

Next, take a good look at how the coin is described before you place your bid. If there are any questions at all in your mind contact the seller via email and have your questions answered before you make your purchase.

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