Duffle Gym Bag

March 19, 2009 1:47 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Duffle Gym Bag
I will be riding on a greyhound bus for 20 hours, what are some tips?

I’m seventeen years old and I’m traveliing from Biloxi, MS to Milwaukee, WI. The trip will take approx. 20 hours in total and there is a 4 hour lay over in the middle of it. This is the first time I’ve ever ridden on a greyhound bus with strangers, but I have researched quiet a bit. Such as don’t dress rich, dress poor so that your unapproachable to people who may want to steal your belongings, and if you fall asleep have your things in an area where you will know if someone is fidleing with them.

I just would like some tips on what to do for the layovers like the short ones, should I stay on the bus?
And is it safe and what not?
Will a 15-20 pound gym/duffle bag be alright to bring onto the bus? (only containing: notebooks, clothes, makeup, and books/magazines)
Also I have total of 3 transfers before I get to my place of choice.


If I’ve researched well just let me know.

Don’t sit in the back by the toilet. They usually stink furthermore you don’t want to be wakened by the smell of fresh poop. You may not be able to stay on the bus during longer layovers. They sometimes clean them during that time. The bag is fine. Take PLENTY of reading material with a lot of variety. 20 hours is a long time to be sitting even with a good book you might want a bit of variety. Take snacks and you might want a pillow of some type too. You could even use your backpack as a pillow, if you wanted to. Bus stations generally aren’t in very nice areas so use caution if you go out exploring.
Watch out for droolers who somehow end up sleeping on your shoulder.
Safe trip!

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