Duffle Bag Luggage

July 31, 2009 8:58 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Duffle Bag Luggage
Taking a european trip for two weeks, please suggest any good luggage I should take?

I’m taking a trip to Europe for two weeks and i am thinking of taking a backpack and a duffle bag because i was told to pack light. I was just wondering what type of brands have good quality luggage for a low cost?

If you think your going to shop for clothes – Your probably wrong. Most malls in the tourist spots dont have good clothes. So pack efficient clothes. And I believe your American, so most Canadian products arent available in America.

Get an adapter for electricity if your going to use some electronics.

Buy a strap passport carrier or something. Someplace to hide your passport on your body. A lot of people steal passports and pocket pick in the big tourist areas.

+ a duffle bag does get annoying to carry it around. I would reccommend something with wheels.

Tippmann Player Duffle Bag Review by hustlepaintball.com

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