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November 22, 2007 7:20 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

discount alaska cruises
Alaska cruise on the Carnival Spirit?

ok my family goes on a cruise this summer, we want to go to Alaska. We in the Carnival cruise and we can get a good discount on it. I was wondering what is the best trip to do. we are leaving Vancouver Canada. so I think we can make the trip north, or bay the glacier. I was wondering if someone new was better and better for your money. next question, does the spirit of carnival has a pool, although that will be part of the cold. if someone has been on this cruise or know someone who went on this cruise what was your experience or similar. We are traveling with teens 14-16. 1 male 1 female. are exciting activities for teenagers, what kind of things is what they do. counslers do treat them like babies or what? (I read that in a review) what the cusine, and how much is the drinks. What are some good stops to do when in places down on the boat? in your journey, you see wildlife, while in the boat. thanks for your time

You really need to visit … In tables, find the line Carnival Cruise and go there and ask questions. The people there can give you great detail and answer every question you could dream. Some of the answers I have suddenly Tho …. a. I've heard is absolutely amazing Glacier Bay. Hubbard Glacier did this past summer my family and friends did Glacier Bay. Glacier Bay is a large number of small glaciers overlooking the picturesque mountain in a small canal. Hubbard is a huge glacier, with mountain views. What happens is that Hubbard is difficult to approach unless you're lucky and there are no large icebergs in the water. Glacier Bay is probably the best option b. If you make one to the north, do not forget to factor in the flights home. They can be super expensive. C. Yes must have an outdoor pool (not sure if they cover an RCI though as it does.) You can go swimming, while in Vancouver but in time will probably be too cold to go swimming d. The drink card is way overpriced. You are better off carrying out any of his own pop in your suitcase, buy individually, share a drink card from you, or simply settle for the drinks you get free. It works out to something outrageous like drinking 5 or 6 is a day to get the value of your money the card. E. Fauna: yes there are times you can watch wildlife from the boat but you have to watch and wait (for example, whales). Are likely to see more wildlife if Glacier Bay cruise, too. F. Well stop Skagway (excursion train!), Juneau (Make sure to get to the Mendenhall Glacier here is awesome) ice cream straight Point, Sitka (raptor center, the cathedral, and sitka national park – you can walk around the city but not sure if the boats are here next year or not.) I would avoid Ketchikan … is like a normal city. Really tho – check out that site. Soo is useful! I do not know what would have done without it last year.

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