Deluxe Garment Bag

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Deluxe Garment Bag

Golf Tavel Case

Having a bag to put in all the things you need for a trip makes it more fun. Otherwise most of the time goes trying to pack all the stuff, be it clothes, shoes, and accessories into separate pouches and packing them into the suitcase. This does work, but occupies a lot of space and can get cumbersome, especially if the trip is going to be more than just a couple of days. For people who play golf, they will know the importance of having a golf travel case to pack their golf clubs, and other required accessories into it. Some of the factors to keep in mind while shopping for golf travel case are,


How much space does the case have, and what are the various compartments it has. This will help you determine if that case is what you need. Also make a list of all the items that you will need to carry if you want to play golf at a different location, or during the tournament. This will give you a clear idea when you go shopping. For those, who insist of carrying their own set of golf clubs on any kind of journey, the case needs to have adequate space. Some of the travel cases have facility to carry clothes enough for an overnight trip.

Easy handling

Make sure the travel case you pick up for your golf clubs is light weight and can be moved around easily. The material used to make the case must withstand the weight of the clubs and protect them as well. If you are a frequent traveler, you should be able to carry and load or unload the case into and out of the vehicle. Check if the case has a shoulder strap, using which you can carry it on your shoulders. This will help reduce burden while going from one place to another.


If you have made up your mind that you need to pick up a golf travel case, make sure it falls within your budget. There are some cases which are good, and not very heavy on the wallet, like the deluxe golf cases, and others that come with a price, but have the same features. If your case has skid proof base, wheels that work on any surface and a shoe or garment bag within them, it is worth the price quoted. Just make sure you know what you are buying, and try it out before bringing it home.

Most of the companies that manufacture or market golf travel cases make them available on the net too. You can simply login to their site, choose the case that you like and take it from there. Strong, quality latches that holds the case together, and good rivets that makes it safe to put the case along with check in baggage is what makes some of them better than the rest. They are available in multiple colors, and can be chosen and the purchase made.

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