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January 31, 2010 1:05 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

cruises to alaska

Cruise To Alaska for the elderly

A luxury cruise to Alaska the Great State Alaska is the perfect destination for seniors who want an exciting vacation without walking too much or stress. When taking a Cruise "> Alaskan cruise, you just have to unpack once at the beginning of the cruise and once at the end of the cruise. They can sleep in the same bed for the duration of the cruise and enjoy gourmet cuisine served by waiters himself in a familiar environment. Of course, excellent food and body care services are done on a cruise.

Once on board after a relatively short flight or drive to a destination city, guests can sit and relax over the next seven days (or more) while wonderful and majestic landscape develops before your eyes. The cruise will sail past snow-capped mountains, rocky islands and coves serene. Perhaps you will see a pod of whales or dolphins. During the summer months, humpback whales are regularly sighted as great are the sea lions with their young. Bald Eagles can always be seen flying over blue skies with snow capped mountains as backdrop.

As the reason for this cruise is the majestic scenery, cruises high sit back in a lounge or in your private cabana terrace and watch the scenery pass only. It can not be bothered to go on deck for breakfast? Only in the end! Enjoy breakfast or lunch multiple course served in your cabin. Like most Alaskan ports consist of small towns, the elderly can take a walk in the city to see the places of interest. Feeling adventurous? Then, a book many excursions along the coast are fully hosted. Most of these shore excursions are taken into account older people so they are not too strenuous or involve much walking. Again, just sit and take in the scenery!

Passage scenic cruising to Alaska Inside should be a most rewarding vacation for the traveler a high level. Like many cruise lines Rates main feature, visit to see what Alaska cruises can offer you!

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