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June 22, 2008 8:23 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

cruises alaska tours
Alaska cruisetour honeymoon …?

We're taking a tour of the Royal Caribbean cruise to Alaska in early September for our honeymoon … and are excursions starting to think … we want to take a helicopter to a glacier … better do this in Skagway, Juneau or Ketchikan? Any idea what time made to the September 1, 1912?? and thanks!

We did an Alaskan cruise in September 2005. The weather was generally in the mid-50s, but when the wind blew the roof felt much colder. If you will do a helicopter tour, you either Ketchikan or Juneau offered both. In Juneau, I will probably go to Hubbard Glacier, we saw a land tour. Ketchikan is very rainy. Not much to do not like the other ports in my opinion. The lumberjack show is cute. Do not waste your money in India rather Totem Pole Village. In Skagway, look for the White Pass and Yukon Railway excursions. We made took us to the mountain by train and bus back. Liarsville We also stopped in for a show in the way back. Very good tour. Because you go to the end of the season, look for store sales. In Skagway we golf shirts and T-shirts $ 5.00 $ 2.50. They were off inventories, the cruise will not return again until May. There was a great importance, not far from the train station. Congratulations on getting married and having a great honeymoon!

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