Cruise And Alaska

January 2, 2010 10:39 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

cruise and alaska
A Cruise To Alaska have fun for my son 8 years?

He has been telling me lately that really wants to go to Alaska and I thought would be a good father and son trip but do not know if a boy his age who enjoy doing on a cruise. If anybody has experienced an Alaskan cruise would be grateful opinion.

If you can take the time I would suggest a cruisetour. 11 days on the Princess that tells both Alaska and more. There are plenty things to see and in every port. If both the nature, wildlife, open land, friendly people and a trip that both will always remember and then go. You will see whales from the boat, sea lions, more possible many more. The Whitter train ride from Denali National Park is full of change to see wildlife like the train will stop at each sighting. The sheep are dull in nearly every mountainside. In Fairbanks take a boat cruise real rowing, where you can see train the dogs, go a native Indian village, where you will see more animals. Furthermore, the tour showed Denali is something you must see. The only thing I suggest is that take a good camera for your child can take the pictures to school to share with others.

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