Cover Holder Wallet

January 31, 2010 11:58 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Cover Holder Wallet
What’s the least expensive & time consumming way to sell licensed sports collectible promotional memorabilia.

I am a salesman and want to sell products the company I work for manufactures. These products are NFL collectibles such as key tags, wallets, money clips, pens, rosewood pen and pencil sets, notebook pad with pen, paperweight, CD cases, passport wallet, ID holder, auto sunshades, trailer hitch covers, trunk medallions, car floor mats, solar flashlights, solar key tag flashlights. This is a list of our core products. Very similar products are available for MLB, NHL, Olympics, Minor League Baseball and General Motors. A very wide gamet of products almost unlimited is available when provided to official sponsors of the just mentioned league teams. Also as part of our core products we offer leather goods of the highest quality. Brief cases and luggage of all kinds. With high end items such as our leather products unless they are on clearance the lead time to deliver is about 3 months. Minimum orders depend on the price point of the product. We try to work with MOQs that are low.

Just to give you an idea go to This is just one way to go about it if you have a website.

Leather Passport Cover, Wallets, Bussiness Card Cases

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