Converter Adapter Switch

July 14, 2008 1:56 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Converter Adapter Switch
Why is my display corrupted?

My specs are: Windows vista 64bit, amd phenom 2 quad core, radeon 4890HD graphics card and a dynex 32 inch hdtv.

When i first built this computer a few months ago, i had no problems and i was using a generic dvi to hdmi converter cable. I switched to the ati dvi to hdmi adapter and a hdmi cable so i could hear sound through my tv. Now higher resolutions have the sides of the screen cut off. Ive switched back to the old cable i was using but i would like to figure out how to fix the ati adapter so i can hear sound.

Ive already tried different hdmi cables and using different ports on the tv and computer and i have singled out the adapter as the source of the problem. My drivers, operating system, and ccc are fully updated.
Let me just emphasise that im looking for a way to still use the ati adapter so i can hear sound, is there anything i can do such as messing with settings in the ccc(which ive already done alot of) or is it a faulty adapter?

You are right. The adapter is the problem. Given the correct video card there is no need for anything but a patch cord

Unboxing The PC VGA to TV RCA S-Video Converter Adapter Switch Box

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