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March 14, 2009 10:39 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

conocophillips alaska
Why did Palin never bring up her "real" foreign policy experience?

(Marathon Oil, a Wendy Chamberlain client and sponsor inauguration of Palin, has already benefited from overlooked decision support for Palin, an extension of a license that allows it and ConocoPhillips to continue exporting natural gas to Japan and other Asian countries. Palin championed this license though users of gas in Alaska several objections would exacerbate the problem gas reserves in decline and one, a major fertilizer producer, closed its plant when the extension was granted, forcing 130 workers without jobs. As often as Palin's lack of experience in foreign policy has been observed in the media has never mentioned his meeting with Japan's consul over gas issues, perhaps because it seems incompatible with his claim that Alaska is a bulwark of production for the U.S. itself.) of-sarah / 4

She is a very good neoconservative, right?

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