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Cole Reaction Business
How do you wear cologne and what do you wear it with?

I’ve never worn cologne before but there are some great sales in this store because of father’s day. Someone suggested a cologne to me (Kenneth Cole) but i’m too embarrassed to ask how to put it on.

First, do you only wear cologne with dress clothes or business casual? Or do people wear it with jeans and polo/golf type shirts as well. I usually wear a nice pair of sneakers, a nice pair of jeans and a polo/gold type shirt.

How do you put on the cologne and which cologne do you recommend?

What’s the difference between Kenneth Cole Black and Reaction?


Different people apply different ways, there’s no wrong way. Personally, I spray one spray on my neck, one to my chest, and one to the back of my left wrist (as I’m left handed). If a fragrance is faint, I may also add one spray to my shirt (as fabric retains better) and one to the back of my neck.

I believe there’s a fragrance for any and every occasion from weddings to lazy days drinking beer and watching baseball. There’s nothing wrong with mixing it up, the only person it has to make sense to is you.

For someone looking to buy their first bottle or two, I’d go with an easy-to-understand but well-rounded small collection:

Sean John Unforgivable – This was the first fragrance I bought for myself (I now own over 40 various bottles). It’s clean without being stuffy, fresh and inoffensive without being boring, and masculine without being loud. Ideal for an everyday sort of scent.

Armani Code – The second bottle I bought. Armani reached outside of their comfort zone when they made this one, they brought in a perfumer that didn’t fit their usual stereotype, and the result was what is in my opinion the best fragrance released in 2004. Very complex, very sensual. Perfect for evening wear but also usable in an office setting. Apply lightly for the best effect.

Chanel Platinum Egoiste – This one’s quite different from the other two. There’s very little sweetness in this fougere (french for ‘fern’) and it evokes wealth and sophistication. I think of it as the smell of money. For interviews and business events this is fantastic stuff.

Kenneth Cole Reaction is by far the best thing they’ve released, and the only one I’d consider buying.

If you have more cologne questions, and I hope you do, check out Basenotes, the site I’ve linked in the source, and ask further in Just Starting Out. I’m also bluesoul on there and myself or any of the other members will be glad to help out.

Good luck!

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