Chugach Alaska

October 6, 2008 2:57 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

chugach alaska
Backpacking in Alaska? Can this plan be done with that money?

I've been programming a July or August 2010 Trip to Alaska to do some backpacking. Not have much money, but luckily we are well equipped and ready to really gross. Around our plan is to rent a car in the anchoring of the head then travel to the track Start the bite spend most of our nights on the road. We will replenish our supply of food in the middle. And spend a total of maybe 3-4 nights in motels along of the month we plan to move there. We hope to achieve in 1500-2000 to spend the money once we get there. The rental car that is split between 4 people we are thinking of hiking in Denali and Chugach parks. Can you help with the budget? Note that we are willing to endure terrible housing, would like spend most time on the road and not need to eat expensive / good food. Thank you.

Here are some tips. Get the cairn, in reality this is an order:) is the Alaska travel guide for good nest current information on what is where, which is open, available and what's what you see while driving every mile of highway. remember that Alaska is enormous: according where you go you might be able jump from the car and use the Alaska Railroad. Many places in smaller communities will have a Washateria (laundry, showers, and pitcher water filling) so you can clean up there and spend the hotel room. Some hostels also sell food and a shower and place to launch a store campaign. And if you're looking at ways of topographic maps, as the Geographical Dictionary (another great resource) that not all roads are still using and some are actively trace of winter. 26 + + specialty atlas / + Delorme Atlas +% 26 + Gazetteer? Search = basic & keyword = alaska and bestsellers SortBy = & page = 1 Denali is expensive and crowded, to get our voyage permits (No, can not go on field trips) must go the day before, jumping through hoops and hope is not an opening in an area you want. While waiting to do all this can eat cash. If you have not, t in the park watching and here you go: Consider the Denali Highway place, beautiful and less crowded. There are at least open a hostel for a hot meal halfway / shower. But check with your car rental company and some restrict what roads you can travel. Side note: although it is a road in the Denali Highway is a dirt road open only in summer. Alaska is not always is what to expect. it's not like always well marked stops on the road walking and hiking trails both done without. Not that there are no marked trails set too, just be aware that many popular recreation areas have not been set marked path. This list of web sites of some: Sorry, no, no one really knows anything about Chugach.

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