Carry Tote Duffle

May 13, 2008 12:52 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Carry Tote Duffle
Do you think its acceptable for men to carry around bags that are not necessarily messenger bags or backpacks?

…duffle bags…
ive been in the market for a new bag and do not want to go with the conventional “manbag”–murse, if you will
ok. so im gay so i guess its “more acceptable”

but boys have more things to carry than just their cell phone and wallet….keys, camera, chapstick in the winter, iPOD, sunglasses…the list goes on—–so pls dont say were not supposed to have too many things cuz we do.

Manbags are awesome! I’m 14 and as a metrosexual and I love to carry my murse and I look great wherever i go with it. I also love it because it saves room in my pockets. I’m not gay at all but i love grooming and taking care of myself.

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