Carry Luggage Tote

May 6, 2009 4:48 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Carry Luggage Tote
carry-on bag item restrictions on airplane.. ?

My kids and I plan to fly in a few short weeks (domestic flight) and we’d each carry our own items (seperate bags.)
I’ve attempted to look up restrictions and I’m mostly getting size restrictions and then the crazy things like weapons and flammables, etc.

Just wanna know if anyone knows if these items are definitley ok to have in our carry on bags:

My son: hotwheels in carrying case (the cars are made of metal – wilol this be an issue?)
My daughter: bookbag with barbies ( i don’t see an issue here)
Me: tote bag with some coins (I collect coins – not very expensive but never the less, I love them and I’m NOT comortable sending these over by mail or in check-in luggage that could get lost.)

Anyone knows of my son items or mine will pose an issue or are restricted??
Thank you kindly for your response.
Thank you to everyone.

Top contributor: It was comforting to hear this from someone who knows how airlines work! Thanx again..

Your items will be fine to travel with. And by the way, smart thinking putting those coins in your carry-on bag! If the airline lost your bag, valuable items, especially currency, are not covered by the airline’s contract of carriage. So you would be out of luck filing a claim!

Have a safe trip!

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