Car Travel Pillow

July 21, 2009 7:52 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Car Travel Pillow
Going on a long car trip?

My husband and I are travelling from Illinois to North Carolina next weekend. We will be doing the drive in 2 days, driving 7 hours each day (same thing for the return trip). I will be in my 23-24 weeks of pregnancy during the trip and I was just wondering how to prepare for such a long car trip? Should I bring extra pillows? Obviously extra food and water. How often should we stop? How long should we stop? Stuff like that. Any info would be helpful. I hate flying so airplanes are out, and the weather in Illinois has been so horrible, I wouldn’t want to fly out of here now anyway.

I don’t think there is much different at 24 weeks. You are advised not to go on long journeys after 34 weeks as the sitting position isn’t the best way to get the baby into a good position.
You may feel uncomfortable quicker so you will probably want more breaks. Listen to your body.
If travelling by car make sure the seat belt sits underneath your bump not across it.

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