Canvas Beach Duffels

December 24, 2009 8:12 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Canvas Beach Duffels
Trailer hitch Toyota RAV4 too low. How can I get more height?

I have a '06 RAV4 and I recently installed a hook Hidden Hitch trailer so I could use a 20×48 "freight for our summer vacation. However, the cargo carrier on the floor scrapings when the support of our road or pull into parking lots where there is a transition from ground level to an incline. In addition, I took a bicycle, and this also scratches on the floor, but not as bad as the freight carrier. I would say the company only has about 6 "clearance when loaded with four beach chairs and a canvas bag filled with beach blankets, shoes, etc. (ie light load). Is there an adapter could be used to reach the height of the receiver hitch for towing? I saw these 4 "Hi-falls under that seems to do the job, but the description of their use does not sound like what I need." Any suggestions? Thanks!

Get a draw bar raised. I saw some the other day at Walmart.

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