Cable Luggage Lock

March 31, 2009 1:46 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Cable Luggage Lock
what is a fool proof way to secure your luggage at the airports in south africa?

Except for buying an expensive samsonite suitcase, “Glad” wrapping you r luggage, putting locks and cable ties on all the zips, writing your name in massive letters with Tippex all over your luggage and putting a massive red ribbon around your suitcase for Identification, is there anything else you can do to secure your luggage? 2 of our samsonites have been broken open, 6 of our suitcases have been cut open …. so far nothing has been lost or stolen completely in total but we have sat for weeks overseas without our suitcases. what else can you do to secure your luggage in SA? All this always happens at our famous airport Oliver Tambo.

Nothing, Africans, although inept in virtually all other fields, do make for excellent criminals and will always find a way into the property of others or rather a way to criminally enrich themselves at the expense of others, that is their natural survival instinct, to steal (also to breed), they were not blessed with the ability to invent, create and master as were Europeans and Asians.
South Africans will have to accept that they live in Africa in what is fast becoming a truly African country and come to terms with this sort of behaviour as being the norm in an uncivilised society.

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