Bradley Large Duffel

April 1, 2008 8:37 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Bradley Large Duffel
whats a good size and good suitcase?

I need a suitcase to go away with. I was looking at the large duffel and the small duffel from vera bradley. I really wanted one of these. Is the small duffel too small to fit anything? What can you fit in it? I want a cute bag, not one of those ugly ones. I am going away for 2 weeks and pack a lot usually. I need a bag that can have enough room for me to pack for 2 weeks and some extra room for anything I buy. I would get another bag, not just a vera bradley bag, but it needs to be a cute bag. It also has to hold what i need. What bag should i get to go away with? Should I get the large or small duffel from vera bradley, or a different bag?

If you’re travelling, using duffel (without wheel) is a bad idea as you’re going to be carrying all of your stuff on one side at a time, affecting your posture, comfort, and may cause you possible injury.

I suggest getting a small 4-wheeled suitcase that will allow you to do 360 spin. That way you can leave most of the load on the ground and just push, pull, or even side way if you’re going through narrow corridor without much need to lift it.

In my opinion, comfort, safety, and convenience should take precedence over fashion.

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