Bone Pendant

October 12, 2008 1:42 AM | Alaskan Eagles

Bone Pendant
Unique/Unusual Romantic Gifts?

Can you think of any unique, unusual, personalized gifts to give a significant other? Any gifts that really allow you to ‘give a piece of yourself’ to them?

FOR EXAMPLE: Vial of Blood Necklace, Bone Tissue Ring

This is a serious question.

I think I may know what you’re looking for. Nothing is even more extraordinary, than special gifts you created yourself. I found a web store that specialized in personal gift products. They provide a wide range of themes, such as design for girls and boys. But you can also order your own customized gifts. Visit and you will know what I meant. I personally would say that their photo blanket products are among the greatest ones. Anyway, those are from my own fresh idea from some days ago, but I am sure you can find your own unique gift there exactly just the way you want it.

carving a New Zealand maori whale bone pendant

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