Black Leather Money

September 6, 2009 9:44 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Black Leather Money
What kind of modification can i do on my car when i don’t have much money.?

Currently Driving a 06 White Acura Tsx (Automatic with Nav) Black leather interior.
Things i did,
I painted my caliper with the help of my cousin. @@
LED lights under the front seat, and the trunk too.

I just want to do something to my car. to makes it look better.
Hmm… I m getting quite a lot of different answer. But there’s one thing which is the time. The things that are told are all like exp or something.
I m currently a FULL time student in college. Not working.
Save money = Saving parents money.
If i use it, its the same as using parents money which i don’t want.
I think i might as well… leave the car alone.. @@
Body kit?!?! Of course i want that … But see, the problem is, i m living in California. The road conditions are BADDDD… Roads are just High and low.

Take my advice: Save your money. For the most part every penny you spend on your car will be wasted. For one thing other people won’t appreciate your modifications, and for another, the more you mess with your car the more people will think you are a jerk. What I mean by this is that when you come to sell your car, a potential buying is going to see the modifications and assume that you are a young idiot who drove the car like a moron. It may not be at all true, but this is how people think.

So for the most part you will lose the money you spend on modifications, and you will depreciate the vehicle as well. Just save your money and one day use those savings to trade up.

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