Bear Kill In Alaska

March 7, 2009 1:07 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

bear kill in alaska

Judd-Stice is Blind

Ashley Judd can certainly not be accused of using his brain by God. At least not without making me laugh to anyone who would this claim. Only a few days ago he stood in front of NARAL, a group that thinks killing babies in the womb is fresh, and completely washed with enthusiasm about the election of President Obama said he was "very pleasant to live in America again." Yes, babies are aborted and the payment of such activities throughout the world now with the repeal of the Mexico City policy, something so important that President Obama had to do it as one of his first acts in the White House makes us "America again." I guess I missed as a standard of what America was formed to be in the Declaration of Independence. But I'm sure that Ms. Judd could explain how it really exists as a cornerstone of American principles and beliefs after his orgasm triggered by the election If Barack Obama collapses.

I wonder if maybe she is one of those women who are having dreams about having sex with the new President? Hey, is not unusual. Apparently spending all the time during the Clinton administration. I guess the soft socialist cause hot women and make them think about other things their brains.

Well, undeterred by anything remotely resembling a rational being, however, Ashley Judd is moving right along and no longer are content simply to pontificate about the glory of abortions. He has moved his sights now Gov. Sarah Palin and continue with their condition. Such a strategy clearly defined in the orders of given up after the election, Sarah Palin survived and she must be destroyed politically so it does not rise again in 2012 to challenge the Messiah.

How can you explain his madness Stark raving about Sarah Palin dared to support the aerial slaughter of wolves in Alaska? Remember, this is a woman which is moved by the murder of heaven love babies! But when it comes to wolves that are proliferating in the wilderness of Alaska, threatening humans and their property, and other herds of animals, which is where Ms. Judd is based line!

Ok, so to summarize, according to Ms. Judd, killing human babies is good, killing wolves is wrong.

Judd campaign against Governor Palin is shown in relation to the Defenders Wildlife, an advocacy group for animal rights in the same ranking on the scale of the madness with the World Wildlife Fund. You know who you are. They are that group could not tell the truth about the polar bears if their lives depended on it. This is due to fatten their pocketbooks every time you tell a lie bears drowned polar. So not to be outdone in the realm of idiocy radical, Defenders of Wildlife have found a willing victim too they think Ashley Judd you have enough celebrities to take their case to a higher level. The group accuses Palin of "ignoring science and the defense of the slaughter of wildlife."

Gee, I dunno, I think that science is certainly not "abandoned" by the hunting of wolves. They are, after all, use weapons and vehicles that were created with a lot of scientific experiments to perform this feat. If the claim by the Defenders of Wildlife were true, which science was being "aside," one would expect to see Gov. Palin in the wilderness of the imagination to try to use Jedi mind powers to strangle wolves at a distance not it?

In fact, if someone is casting aside the science itself seems to be Ashley Judd! Simple principles of biology teaching what is life and teaches us that once the fertilized egg is in fact small human life. It is she who is without doubt the one running around "discard" this simple and clear science to support the killing, either – the murder to be exact, of children, simply because what again? Because they are not wanted? Because not outside the womb? Well slap me silly and call me Shirley! I must have lost the two newly added warnings to the definition of life! Hey, I know the facts are stubborn but they are still the facts Ms. Judd and everything Kooks Defenders of Wildlife.

Ms. Judd has even lent his voice to a video that represents the act of killing the wolves as it is not a nice thing to do. But I have not seen Ms. Judd is a voice to children's music, proudly showing to be aborted and talking how big is the procedure. Perhaps Ms. Judd could get a big screen and put forward as the children are forcibly removed from the womb and worse? Perhaps Ms. Judd could tell as blood and guts out of the body of the woman and the child within her is killed? Maybe I could even then go into a rant about how oh so well this type of procedure is and then go straight to the scenes of wolf killing in Alaska and explaining how they are right?

Do not having it because Ashley Judd is certainly smart enough to know that such a deployment would be more like a lead balloon. And certainly do not want your blindness to truth and their own hypocrisy to be on display to be questioned in public. But she to go before any kind that many may find that it is not their lack logic and dismay over his words like lemmings jumping off a cliff into oblivion during the cut ads criticizing others to feel like it's a superior being.

Ideology blinds many people. The life of a wolf is not more important than the life of a child. It is much, much less important and it is shameful that someone would encourage other way. Now watch your step. It appears that all of the jet uncontrollable Ms. Judd has left a few wet spots on the floor. Do not stand on them. They are very slippery.

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