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October 26, 2009 5:17 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

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What hair salon in Anchorage Alaska is good in the bleaching of hair without frying?

I've been looking for bleach hair for a while and I'm new to Anchorage, not so much help. =] I've had my hair colored before, but it was fried, and I've been paranoid ever since. I do not want to use a home kit Incase is too loud, and my hair is naturally a brunette with matte medium. I need to find a place as soon as I'm dying to get my hair done finally. Anyone have any good review for Anchorage? Thank you.

ill tell ya what – I do not live in Alaska, but in reality I am a hair stylist. I have dark brown hair naturally, and I wanted to be blonde hair without frying. in a home kit is not the way forward with a process like this because if something goes wrong, you'll have to finish in the room to pay more for a color correction. What I did was to start with strong highlights to break everything and give contrast and something different. once you start needing tweaks – Can be gradually increasing until they are almost blond on all blondes and then take the last step in which they are doing one on the application scalp bleach. I have thick hair color that I often and the bad ones say what – dumb blonde conditioner by bed head and you can feel the difference in your hair and I feel as if cold. Hope this helps

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