American Flag

December 29, 2008 6:21 AM | Alaskan Eagles

American Flag
What do you think about the American government voting to protect the American flag from desecration?

I wave it proudly in my front yard, I have carried it into battle in foreign lands, I have always held it in the highest regard. I have carried it into the sacred circle at Native American gatherings in honor of this country. I pledge allegiance to the flag……. Your thoughts please?
Thank you all for your answers, this is a very important issue to me. I recieved so many excellent answers that I dont feel qualified to choose the best one, so I am going to leave this questions responses in the hands of your peers.
Again ,thank you for taking the time to think about what the American flag means to you and America as a nation.

The flag is the symbol of our COUNTRY … not the successive governments … consequently, if you desecrate the flag, you desecrate the country … any American who desecrates the flag, spits on his country and on the people who spent their lives defending it … well, if that’s what they want to do, then that’s what they want to do, in the name of “freedom of speech” .. personally, I think if anyone feels they have a need to express contempt for their country, all I can say is … America is not for you … get out of it …

Upside-down flag in response to health care reform

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