American Eagles

February 25, 2009 4:19 PM | Alaskan Eagles

American Eagles
How do I keep track of the current value of Gold / Silver American Eagles?

Most websites that prices for American Eagle topic give the sale price. To keep track of my investment you need to know the purchase price. The price could be obtained if the coins are sold. Is there a site prices are updated daily buying and selling of both? I'll probably just stay with the purchase and sale price of gold and silver and not worry about the premium of the coin.

its hard to say. since there are so few gold coins in circulation is difficult to put a price on them because you can get some very different prices depending whose purchase. If you sell to a pawn shop or somewhere like you going to get pennies on the dollar in terms of value, but if you sell someone who does not really understand what you are buying you can get the spot price or higher for them. As its possible to get a perfectly fair value. Its been a while since I have dealt with these, the following are supposed to sell an ounce and new coins for about $ 50 more ground. said that a reasonable estimate could take the current spot price of gold to be found in subtract 2.5% (if you're optimistic) 5% if you are pessimistic and multiplied by the number coin you have.

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