March 13, 2009 6:32 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

I have 4 boxes of signature Norvell '74. Son of Alaska wildlife / igloo. Does anyone know the artist?

There are four signed paintins Norvell '74. There is an artist named Patricia Norvell who wrote a book on conceptual art and I have a curious case of his paintings. All are in black and white and include images an eagle bears, polar, and an igloo. I am seeking more information. Thanks!

You can do a search on this artist website: or is sister site, World Wide Art Resources. Type any information you have – artist name, medium, object, situation, etc and see what happens. If the artist becomes dead, you may get some hits from the dealers or galleries who manage the assets of the artist. Dealers can be very useful for finding information, value and what is a real market would be for the artist's work. Good luck, I hope this helped.

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