March 17, 2009 11:02 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

The weather in Alaska?

I've been on three trips to Alaska and love it. I want a second home there, (I live in Southen California). What city has the better (softer) time? I do not think the winter here, summer. But I still want to go from time to time in the winter. Thanks for all the information. Does anyone Palmer knows about? We drove through there the last few years and I really liked. How is the weather there? In the winter / summer? Thanks again for all your help. To Akida, Wow, thanks for the info. He did not realize there is got so bad. Phooey. I'll go to Plan B. Whatever.

I live in Palmer and I love it! That other Palmer's response was just a bad summer. Summers are mild in the temps, maybe a few days in late August or early September in the 80s. Worst winds will in March. The AK is the State Fair in Palmer and vegetables shows a world record Life is wonderful here. If you need anything from Anchorage which is about 50 kilometers distance. Wasilla is the nearest town of Palmer and has most of what you will need. It's pretty here, air is fresh and clean, and life is slow. Buy now prices of homes and land always go up. Happy to help!

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