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Alaska Physical Therapy Jobs

In Alaska, a number of jobs currently physiotherapy in major medical institutions. Most of these institutions are on the lookout for qualified and experienced therapists to meet the shortage of PT in the healthcare industry.

Work with a wide variety of patients

Typically, therapists provide high quality services through the design and implementation of treatment plans. Therapy professionals work with a health team, which involves therapy assistants and aides. They treat patients with disabilities and people with various disorders, including head injuries, back pain, cerebral palsy, arthritis and injuries by accident. The outstanding patient care they offer, take a quick pain relief and helps to improve mobility.

Physical Therapy employment and types of positions

After successfully completing a Master's program in physical therapy, you must purchase a state license to apply for jobs therapist U.S. Race as successful therapy assistant requires the candidate to have at least an associate degree or a certification program in PT.

In the rehabilitation industry, therapy professionals get the flexibility to work in a variety of health centers, such as rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities acute, nursing homes, hospitals and institutions and to gain broad experience in the field of physical therapy. These centers offer care in Alaska part-time, full time, permanent or temporary assignment job. If you like to travel and stay in exciting places in Alaska, then travel PT jobs are the best.

Excellent Training, Bright Future

Working with employers first category of industry in Alaska, you can enjoy a number of advantages:

• lucrative salary + bonus
• Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
• Professional Liability Insurance
• Health insurance and life
• 401 (k) Retirement Savings Plan
• Continuing education
• Support License
• Immigration processing (for foreign applicants trained)
• Payment housing
• Relocation expenses (travel)
• short-term disability insurance

Reaching more

If you are a fresh candidate or a seasoned professional, you can find the ideal environment that meets your needs with the help of a reliable service provider.

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Alaska Physical Therapy Jobs – TheraKare, a well known physical therapist staffing company based in the US, specializes in offering excellent physical therapy job opportunities for candidates who wish to work in Alaska.

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