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a credit union may take the child pfd alaska a check to the parents of the debt? controls were automatic deposit.

I owed to my credit union funds in a truck loan delinquent account was frozen because it was attached to my truck payments, so I waited for my and my two children controls to be delivered in the mail, but my credit union deposits approved in October 2006, and maintained three dividends.I found out this morning and was then the Branch closeset for me when the branch manager told me to excersize their right to collect, we found that two of the controls were not mine, but myu two sons "can do this or someone who does not if I can get your money back?

There are some possibilities which will make it. If the account from which money was taken was in your control, then yes. That means if you have the right to get the money without consulting them, then was all his money as he would have been without them in the account. We must distinguish between the controls and account. Since the controls were probably the sole property of the person, but if they were placed in an account that had your name on it became his. I doubt it would have taken it otherwise.

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