June 14, 2008 5:29 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

What is the best camera?

I'll be starting with taking pictures of my own and learn to modify them. what is a good camera photo isn't really over the top, but not "cheap" is going to take pictures of her daughter, me and BF, Alaska and outdoors

If you are looking for a digital SLR then these are good choices D3000 Nikon 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor Lens com/gp/product/B002JCSV5I? ie = UTF8 & tag = bestdeals-and-20 & linkCode = as2 & camp = 1789 & creative = 390 957 & = creativeASIN B002JCSV5I Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens # DIGIC III image processor provides specifies the fast image processing, feature Live View # EOS Integrated Cleaning system and Canon-designed Self Cleaning Unit SENSOR disposal dust detection data included in software = B001CBKJGG you can find more options here 3A% 2F%%% %%%%% 3DUTF8 3Fie 2Fs 26ref_ 26redirect 3Dsr% 3Dtrue 255Fn 255Fnr%%%% 255F0% 26keywords 3Ddslr 26qid 26bbn% 3D281052% 3D1263382072%%% 3D281052% 26rh% 26rnid 3DN% 253A172282% 252Ck% 253Adslr% 252Cn% 253A% 2521493964% 252Cn% 253A502394% 253A281052% 252Cn% 252Cn% 253A3017941 and tag = bestdeals-and-20 = & linkCode UR2 and camp = 1789 & creative = 390 957 For a point and shoot camera to go for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 12.1MP Digital Camera with 18x Optical Image Stabilized Power and 2.7-inch LCD screen = UTF8 & tag = bestdeals-and -20 LinkCode as2 camp = 1789 & creative = 390 957 & = creativeASIN B002IKLJU0

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