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Talon Lodge Visiting Chef Series creates a gourmet culinary experience in Alaska

Talon Lodge Visiting Chef Series creates a gourmet culinary experience in Alaska

Sitka Alaska has long been known for having the best Salmon Fishing In Alaska . Now, Sitka can boast the finest cuisine in Alaska.

The Talon Lodge Visiting Chef Series is the most unique culinary series being offered in Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest. Talon Lodge continues to host the world's most renowned chefs to pair their skills with Alaska's fresh seafood to create exclusive gourmet dinners for only 16 guests. These private dinners are hosted by award-winning chef and provide an Alaska fishing experience that is unmatched Lodge in Alaska.

Great Sport Fishing remains the main reason for selecting a Lodge in Alaska, but the addition of the Talon Lodge Visiting Chef Series provides fishermen with a clear difference between a good Alaskan fishing experience and a great Alaska fishing experience.

Imagine your Vacation In Alaska with Chef Sam Choy of Hawaii and Chef John Ash's Wine Country California hosted the private dinner.

In addition to hosting gourmet dinners Talon Lodge Chefs Visitors experience the best of Sitka fishing has to offer all the guests at Talon. Chef Eddie Matney, Scottsdale, loves fly fishing experience for Steelhead, Sockeye or Silvers. James Beard Award Winning Chef Robert McGrath's wife Amy still holds the record of the Talon Lodge for Women for halibut fishing, with 325 pounds of catch here in 2006.

In 2008, Talon Lodge guests will be held by the chef Sam Choy of Hawaii, Chef Pascal Vignau of San Diego, Chef Eddie Matney of Scottsdale, and Chef Scott Leysath, HuntFishCook television program.

At Talon Lodge you will find that not all of Alaska Vacations are the same. Sitka Fishing is the best fishing in Alaska, and Talon Lodge offers guests a unique experience Alaska Lodge. When combined Alaska Fishing with gourmet cuisine prepared by top chefs in the world, there is nothing that compares.

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