November 14, 2007 3:46 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Alaska vacation adventure?

A friend and I would like to explore Alaska. Hiking, climbing some peaks, kayak, backpack back to the country. Any good web sites where possible for this? In addition, the best place to do all this in Alaska?

Alaska is huge with lots of places you can do what you're talking about: Go some time looking over these sites to help plan your trip. It is possible enjoy renting a car to live / camp of his adventure. In this case, the milestone is hands down the best guide to what the road system and available within and outside of it. Remains ongoing and has good information about what is on the road (camping, hiking, rivers, places of interest) also public lands and parks are a great resource in the state: / Applications / The Alaska Railroad can also help with transportation, and travel through some great scenery: Spend time digging around and you can set your dream trip

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