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December 2, 2009 5:44 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska yukon
What are some general dangers of hiking in the Yukon or Alaska?

Im wondering about animal attacks, or what gear to be take to avoid, or perhaps errors. Like anything else you can imagine. As I'm looking to go to the Yukon, Whitehorse around.

Well … really depends on where you walk .. If countrying is back and you are not an established trail …. I would like to take some courses in survival … first aid etc. You'll need it. I would like to bring a gun, if I were you … that's just me. Bear mace is a MUST, as is bringing light and durable clothing the computer. Be prepared …. mosquitoes really crazy there some animals … should be a clue as to bring plenty of repellent. It is a unique place … have everything from sunscreen and a jacket … I just recommended hiking out in the country again though. People die that way. That kind of "Into the Wild "was a complete idiot … no intelligent person would venture into that without being fully prepared and know all its checkpoints ranger … nearest transport routes, nearest rivers, the knowledge of local fauna, etc. I talked to a ranger in northern BC. He said cases like guy from "Into the Wild" are not unique, they are actually quite common. Young children in cities around thinking they can go into the woods to "find" … More often than not ends up being a body recovery effort … not even a rescue effort.

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