Alaska Wildlife Viewing

October 14, 2009 11:58 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska wildlife viewing
What place in Alaska is best for wildlife watching, racing dogsled, kayak / rafting, flight seeing?

Not I'm going to Alaska, this is for a school project. We have to take a dream vacation and planning to do the same. I think I will "Plan" in the summer because there are more things I can do. If I wanted to go riding dog sleds in the snow. What company could take on a glacier? I think I'll do my project in Seward, Alaska.

all at once? a place to live? to visit? the state is HUGE Careers are held throughout the state, wildlife is more or less everywhere, if near a river to someone is doing about it. OK something is already flying especially in high tourist areas, and usually associated with packaged tours. While some airlines offer Bush travels to rural villages. I'm not sure if you mean or the tourist, flying around breathtaking flightseeing great mountains? if it's things you want to do everything in one visit, remember that you have some summer and winter activities mixed here. There are companies that make dog sledding in the summer, either with a car or fly over the glacier. but these rides are not races. For my money rafting and flying and all are quite spectacular Denali, both in the field Nenen Cantwell and Talkeetna. But that is the subject of summer. Also the term "best" can mean many things. Are you looking for more remote areas or popular? Are you an outdoor person? Sorry no I can help you more without knowing what you want.

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