Alaska Wild Berries

November 22, 2008 9:05 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska wild berries
Have you read the book in nature? Christopher McCandless?

I read the book long ago and I just read on that was made in a movie that will be in the fall. I have mixed feelings about all of that type. He gave his life in the real world to go to live off the land in Alaska and died doing that. He was eating berries that poisionis. I cried the first time I read the book. I could not stop thinking about that book and then read it again and actually bothered me more and stopped. I hope you are right movie and he dies in the end. I hate a false true story. You know what I mean ..

Sean Penn directed the film and I've heard it's very faithful to the book. Sean Penn is not candy coat anything! Please view the trailer via The film looks strong and has a great cast. Http: / /

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