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January 17, 2008 11:56 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska weddings
Does anyone know the designer of a dress I saw in the magazine "the knot"?

I'm getting married next July and am very behind in my planning. especially since I have two weddings in two different states. my second wedding will be a reception for family members will not be able to reach Alaska for the royal wedding. i do not want to wear a gown this total will be less formal and an adventure. I saw a dress in the magazine "the knot" that was a short dress strapless Moon with a total of more secular type thing. I would love to know where to find this dress, because I think it would be perfect for holding the second. era as a two-piece. under the dress was short, strapless, white, set piece, and then the upper layer was pure polka dot piece and it was a tank style. Not I have the magazine more. I was hoping that someone else has one and be able to find

In the back of any magnitude too have a "page the Shopper "(not entirely sure if that is what its called) and tell him where to get the dress you like. In truth, wherever he saw the dress has to be a credit somewhere. In this day and age you can not take a picture without giving credit to the photographer and the designer .. Only occasionally have to do some research. If you have also seen online, it can be Ithe link somewhere, but if only the magazine, then you have to be screened on the back. If you're still not sure maybe I could scan a picture or provide a link to it .. Someone might recognize.

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