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Celebrity Cruises Mercury Alaska Cruise Inside Passage

I sailed on Celebrity Cruises Mercury Alaska Inside Passage Cruise 7 nights round trip from Vancouver, BC. Date: July 13, 2007

Fri, July 13

Vancouver, British Columbia Departure 5:00 pm. We flew from JFK to SLC and then to Vancouver. There were long, long lines at customs, at least 200 people ahead of us. Some people chose U.S. direct, the cruise line takes you through directly to the ship. In retrospect, if we had limited time to reach the ship, which should have chosen this method. It was glorious in Vancouver – nice and sunny, not too hot. We arrived at Canada Place de tai, waiting in a line of security, U.S. Customs (Which had only been in Canada on the hour and a half, and then another line, to check in. The whole procedure off the plane and on the Mercury took about 3 hours!

Once aboard, an assistant took my luggage

on and took us to our cabin on the continental desktop (bottom of the boat). The room, an outside cabin was spacious, and well established. The bathroom, however, smelled of mildew. We looked around, thinking it was defective caulking, but could not see anything obvious. We thought of asking in return booths and had not yet unpacked. Instead, he asked at the counter of relations with our cottage guests completely clean. While in the dinner, which was sprayed with Clorox. Still smelled of mildew.

I went to a party for a few minutes, then went to the theater for a show preview. The segment 2 or 3 singers and dancers were good, much better than the Millennium, so I have high hopes for entertainment on other nights.

We had a wonderful dining room table, opposite the captain's table.

Sat, July 14

Inside Passage (Cruising) Cruising

I woke up at 540 AM, to know that breakfast did not start for quite some time, the pools do not open at 08 am (I expected a return in the early morning before anyone to see me in my bathing suit). Instead, I walked the jogging track. 12 laps = 1 mile. There were lots of about 20 people there, and the whale first part the trip was discovered on the side of the ship. A few minutes in the gym, then breakfast, which was delicious and very few people in 730am. I put on my bathing suit, but the pool was too cold even for polar bears. I was the only one in the whirlpool. A few minutes of freezing on the roof after trying to read my book.




geography trivia.

Our first formal night. Waiter made recommendations, which were excellent.

Show was fabulous. Best I've seen on a cruise. Lots of Broadway tunes and popular songs, done with dancing. Some of the movements were clumsy.

Sun, July 15, Juneau, Alaska trailer 22:00 Arrival 13:00 Departure

Tennis in the fog. What a wonderful sight when the mountain suddenly opened way through the fog. Snow-covered pine trees, the works.

We sailed through the house several glimpsing a glacier through a passage, and seeing small boats nearby. We arrived in Juneau, the capital on time and waiting for the announcement to disembark. As part of the docking area are booths on tour. MGT chose to give a AAA discount. I wanted a simple transfer to the Glacier $ 6 each way, but my husband choose a city tour as well. Funny comment. We stopped at a beautiful church log cabin in the lake. Spectacular views. The vehicle was an old city bus, but clean and comfortable. The weather was glorious. Everyone gasped with the first view of the glacier. Awe inspiring!. The blue light, and massive. There are guards there to explain things. The visitor center is $ 3 more. We did not have time to it. The small gift shop does not tax because it is a non-profit. I bought some local wildflower seeds. Is said to grow anywhere. We'll see.

Our first real opportunity to shop in the city we found to carry large bags of shirts, hats, and a fleece vest back. We were too tired to eat in the main dining room, so we ate at the buffet (Italian), and then I saw a movie in the cinema.

Incidentally, I was using layers, but in the light sunshine, which requires only a long-sleeved shirt and a cotton hat.

Mon, July 16

Skagway, Alaska Arrive 7:00 a.m. Departure Trailer 6:00 PM bus or train. We awoke to fog and rain. Really happy that I bought the fleece in Juneau and had a poncho. The rain rolled in the covers. The bonus was that we were so close to the mainland on the terrace (lower level) cabin we could see a sea otter frolicking on the beach just outside our cabin window.

Not much happening on board in a day's port. The jacuzzi and pool Thalassotheray were closed. I was a little sorry that he had prebooked an independent travel travel (no refunds), because the climate was not conducive to a trip. I guess it was better than have reserved a bike ride! The rain was lighter lunchtime studying when boarding our train to the summit.

Chilikoot Reserved Letters independent ship. They picked us up at the wharf and taken to the station Main aboard the White Pass. We had a private car just for our little group. We could move from right to left as the views changed. Many seats empty. The rain made rivers and waterfalls very active. I can not imagine how the gold miners survived life growing out of it for months at a time! The bus ride back to the city without incident. The city is full of color – both in the color of the buildings and the personalities of the eccentric locals. From this excursion Canada, United States and Canadian citizens must have a passport or birth certificate with photo identification. Guests of other nationalities must bring their passport.

Tue, July 17

Hubbard Glacier (Cruising) Cruise Departure Arrival 13:00 10:00 a.m. Arctic ice blue moaning and groaning. Upon reaching the glacier, you will see delivery (parts of glaciers falling into the water) and can actually hear the glacier moving! We went to the front of the glacier, much closer than I ever thought we would .. The best view (and warmest) was the treadmill at the gym, right at the front of the ship. We went outside and listen to the naturalist on board to make your comment here. There were seals nearby .. Later to leave the bay, which was pairs of dolphins swimming toward the ship and jump into the road.

Wednesday, July 18

Ketchikan, Alaska 13:00 Departure 20:30 Arrival offered can also walk in the city of the city well marked walking trail. There are many totems of the city, in some places and elsewhere. The lumberjack show is good, not too cheesy, or so they told us some in attendance. We chose to walk through the city and do some shopping. There are good shops to buy native crafts here too.

The weather was great again. Some of the neighborhood kids were spending their afternoon jumping off the bridge in the cold – – water. In the same area, fishermen caught large fish size. Formal night again. Have fun, too.

Thu, 19 July

Inside Passage (Cruising) Cruising. So many activities on board it was difficult to choose – a movie, a cocktail party, lectures and conferences, and more.

Fri, July 20

Vancouver, BC Arrive 7:00 a.m.

Tips – the best advice I can give is to do what many activities as possible in the ship and in ports of call. Some people spend most of the cruise to relax in their cabins or sitting by the pool. Well, they may do that anywhere ….

Every night you have a calendar of activities the following day. Choose a couple of things and be sure to attend. Do not miss the evening entertainment-the Most of the shows are pretty good. Arrive early for best seats.

When you are in Glacier Bay, make sure air free on the foredeck for most of it. Dress

with gusto, even if it is a good day while the ship is still moving you can feel a little cold. You have a good chance to see the wildlife (bears, eagles, etc), so bring your binoculars and camera. Upon reaching the glacier, you'll see part (Part of glaciers falling into the water) and can actually hear the glacier moving!

What to bring: Layers – everything from shorts and shirts and long shifts and a fleece. If you miss something hot, you can always buy something there. My husband bought a winter jacket I both very good price. -Available in all sizes and colors before we boarded the ship in Vancouver, we have these free coupon books at the port. They proved to be a great benefit – gifts in most stores we would have gone anyway – everything from hats to Alaska souvenir mugs and T-shirts with a purchase.

Mercury is an average size ship, much more to my liking of the Millennium mammoth that I embarked in May on the Mediterranean. There are no long lines anywhere. The staff was excellent, the cabins Good sized comfortable, and good entertainment and activities varied. It is up to the reputation of 4-star Celebrity.

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