Alaska Vacation Packages

May 1, 2008 2:50 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska vacation packages
Why insist Lodges in Alaska in the sale of lodging and fishing packages to all who want to holiday there?

I had the more difficult time finding a house in Alaska when he was there on vacation to let me design my trip to itenary, instead of being tied to guidance they need, and all the activities required. I am very happy with the Salmon Catcher Lodge, which allowed me to design my own business.

Well, is nothing unusual. You can find this kind of behavior in many other places where the "power" to buy the packages you really do not want. Why is this? Just because they can earn much more with the packages that way. Of course, it is also true that probably most people are actually looking such complete packages. I have the same problem as you and actually happened, I gave up in certain places and went elsewhere because I could not find a place Could decide what to do. I would say that we are suffering here the minority …

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