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May 12, 2009 12:37 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska vacation homes
My ex-husband took my son to Alaska Vacation w / me well and now will not return my son to me. What I can do?

My ex husband has primary custody of our son. June 2 he asked me to let him go to Alaska w / our son to visit his family for two months of summer. In our statement divorce that is required to obtain written consent to take the child out of state. I gave him the OK written consent until 28 July. Now August 7 and has not returned. I talked to on 04 August and told him home immediately, he said he was staying there and there was nothing I could do. Today I went to court and obtained an emergency order giving me custody and served my ex in Alaska w / the paperwork through the sheriff's department. The order to be back in Washington immediately. I feel like I'm doing enough to ensure the arrival of my son back to Washington, I'm afraid my ex will run with him at the reception of this order, "is there anything else I can do? The local sheriff's department says I can not do anything. I read about parental abduction, but the sheriff's department assures me that this is not PK.

It is very similar to what happened to us. Only in our situation with my ex husband told us that she moved from Virginia to Florida and did not tell my husband where his daughters were. It also has an emergency grant him custody and went down to Florida to get the girls. We were told that with the help a Florida lawyer enlisted to take our order for Virginia to Florida courts should not give to children. Other states do not honor orders automatically. You have to have a judge of that sign in the off state so that it can be enforced. The mother did not fight so everything is fine. We were also told that if she ran again, knowing that my husband had custody (which had been notified and called his lawyer), then it would be a parental kidnapping. While my husband knew where the children (and at this point the IP was found), they were not. Good luck, I know what this is a nightmare.

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