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Obama Report Card – first 100 days – Calculated Chaos or Choreography

Everyone deserves a chance to meet their skills so here is possibilities of President Obama to see how the Coltons Point degrees times his first 100 days as president. There are two elements to the degree the president's personal actions and political actions of the president. Actual performance in these two areas is a reflection of just what kind of leader they will become.

In terms international relations of the quality is pretty good as most of the world's nations are now more interested in the pictures with our president to destroy the USA. However, we received anything tangible from other nations in terms of things we ask them to do. Korea fired the missile, Iran builds nuclear weapons, terrorists rule Afghanistan and Pakistan, the flow of drugs through Mexico, there is little coordination among nations to stimulate the economy and well but at least now they are smiling when they stick to us.

Back here in the U.S. their degree is more complex. There is little doubt that controls Congress and to take advantage of this that is flooding Congress with requests for legislation, appropriations and new programs. In fact, the volume of requests from the Management has clearly overwhelmed the ability of Congress to absorb so Pelosi and Reid have the stamp which means that if the president wants something and is sufficiently liberal, puts on his rubber stamp.

The House and Senate Democratic leaders and even the president seems to think all those people who voted against socialism Bush wanted when they wanted immediate change, but I do not think as people realize how far left we have derived that will be in shock. Also seem to forget that 47% of the population voted against Obama and another 45-50% of those eligible to vote did not register or vote. That means that in truth Obama was about 25-27% of eligible votes is hardly a mandate from the people.

Campaign Spending

After the promise of limiting the cost of the campaign by taking public funds, Obama changed his mind and proceeded to spend the most in history, $ 775,000,000. Add in another 160 million dollars for its opening and $ 18 million to be spent after the election and he is chairman of millions of dollars for the first time in history. This in terms of limiting campaign spending. With flavors that it's no wonder more than three trillion U.S. dollars have been allocated by the government to ransom and bribes, payments and benefits, all of which were approved by Obama.

It seems that the same problem exists in their selection of talent when he promised all the new people to replace the old gang of insiders Washington. It is surrounded by Clinton and other Democratic hacks, along with a legion of former Goldman Sachs and other pressure groups who have now turned their attention demolition Wall Street and the economy to suck every last dime from the federal government and the Federal Reserve. The process was also the first president to nominate seven tax cheats to the highest offices in the nation.

Latin American Relations

Obama seems to have impressed the leaders of the countries of Latin as did the Europeans and Asians and not too worried about him getting cozy with the brother of Fidel in Cuba and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, even if they are playing. We have to do a lot of work with the countries of America and Canada, such as forming a sort of Union of America, so we can fix the mess Obama is in. Maybe you can help?

Middle East Relations

Despite our presence in Iraq and the Middle East, our troops stationed in the country, and our massive foreign aid spending on both sides of the Israel and Palestinian groups that have little impact on everything that happens there. The Middle East is a country rich in oil, oil that could temporarily replace the drilling offshore and in Alaska and the distribution of resources from Canada, Mexico and South America. If it moves in the direction of eliminating oil consumption over a period of decades we could supply our own oil and gas at the right of the Americas.

The Middle East problem can not be resolved at this time. Endemic hatred between Shia and Sunni Muslims, between Muslims and Israelis, between the Taliban and traditional Muslims, between Christians and radical Muslims, including most of the world. There will be war in the Middle East, because there is always war in the Middle East, for and in our story takes us. Obama might be Muslim, Jewish, Coptic Christian and no matter, there will be war.

Our policy so far has been to arm and support of all parties, a technique perfected by the European bankers who helped fuel a constant state of war in Europe for a couple of centuries. Christians, Buddhists and Hindus in the world can sit and watch as the Arabs and the Israelis that the battle once again. Ironically, the Talmud of Israel as our Old Testament and the Muslim Koran as our New Testament, however, the following nations that seem to ignore the most important commandment of all, your love God and love neighbor.

Banks and Credit

Now that you have pumped about $ 3 billion in economic stimulus and bailouts corporate, what have we achieved? We are still here. Credit remains a problem, but VP Biden finally got his way and Obama will meet with credit card companies to discuss ways to save. Most of these companies are located in Delaware, Biden used the same state to represent. What a coincidence. Biden should have the schedule down pat, he dealt with these companies when their child was their lobbyist. Even sponsored a bill to change bankruptcy law to protect personal delinquent accounts from credit card companies during bankruptcy proceedings.

Goldman Sachs continues to rule Wall Street and Washington, DC means that any money they need through loans, guarantees, derivatives or other manipulations will receive a government bailout at least enough to pay his debt to Goldman. So AIG is teetering on the brink of disaster and get 173.3 billion U.S. dollars in federal aid, then it's worth $ 30,000,000,000 Goldman. A company in crisis and Goldman get 100% of all money owed by AIG. It goes to show how companies like Goldman have seemingly unlimited access to Treasury U.S. and the Federal Reserve.

When Obama was going to have Treasury tell us how much money is still needed to cover the toxic loans, loans commercial real estate, and credit card delinquencies? Anyone know the number, but the transparency of the President seems to have no effect on its people. We are facing trillions more in subsidies and bailouts socialist before seeing the light? Maybe!

Reforming Health Care

Somehow notion of spending $ 634 billion as a "down payment" on health reform is how to achieve meaningful reform. Usually identifies the savings and reduce the budget, not increase it. As the work changes, a rather bold assumption, which involve people without health insurance coverage. Remember Me seen the statistics on health and life expectancy in people who have no health care? What if I live longer and happier than those covered by insurance? Just how many billions and billions of dollars are spent on unnecessary operations and medication?

If Obama is really an advocate of transparency, then you must publish the total income of doctors, hospitals and clinics of government programs like Medicare, Medicaid and treatment of veterans, or made both contribute to the campaign you are protected as many other groups? This whole industry of professional services to hospital facilities, drugs for treatment costs insurance should be investigated from top to bottom to find where greed took over and then eradicate it.

Obama and Religion

"The United States is not a Christian nation!" So echoed the words of our new president in his first major speech to the Muslim people of world. Since assuming his allies the liberal media have been predicting the death of Christianity in America and its actions have contributed a couple pounds of ground cloves the coffin of Christianity. Our founding fathers could have found his words a bit hard to swallow.

Obama took eight weeks from the day was opened to find the way to a church with his family. At that rate will go to Mass six times their first year in office, or about 100 times less than it enters the basketball court for some b-ball. Of course, after his experience with his big mouth minister during the campaign is perhaps a bit gun shy. At least we learned that does not pay attention, while in the church, since I have not heard one thing at a radical minister shouted from the pulpit.

Has been liberalized abortion in the year in the United States has reached more than 50 million legalized abortions performed. For every six Americans living one was rejected and for every two abortions performed for reasons medical (either the fetus or the mother) 25 abortions were performed without any reason. Add in the expansion of stem cell research Obama adopted, some research to lead to more abortions for profit and not find much to appeal to Christians.

Global Warming

What can we say about Obama warming billions of dollars worldwide initiative? Well, I've studied a little history and think I found a little information which casts doubt on this thing global warming. It seems global warming and cooling are a natural part of life on Earth.

In fact, the worst ice age of all time occurred between 850 million and 630 million years ago during the period Cryogenic. Scientists believe that produced a Snowball Earth in which he was around the globe covered in permanent ice. At that time, the accumulation of greenhouse gases, the stuff that we're trying to get rid of, was produced by volcanoes which melted the ice and saved the Earth.

At least four major ice ages took place in history of our Earth. The current age began 2.58 million Years ago, and are currently in the heating phase. These heating and cooling cycles run their course by 40,000 and 100,000 years periods. The next age Ice can be scientifically expected to begin around 50,000 years from now, with or without human intervention made global warming. nature will run its course no matter what we do.

Since the last ice age was longer than 2.58 million years ago and at least four ice ages have been carried out with most if not all of the frozen world, and this was before civilized man, before any man we know of, what caused the natural cycle? Any to exploit the volcanoes, and there are still many around the world and in America, creating a dense layer of soot and ash in our atmosphere, and blocks of rubble the sun strikes the Earth. A few hundred of years for the Earth's atmosphere to clean and we have another ice age. A large meteor could do the same and some have to land.

How could we have had four major ice ages and warming and cooling thousands of mankind that we are unpopulated land and non-advanced technology? No doubt, mankind can accelerate the process of global warming through our excessive consumption and emissions. No matter what we do global warming and cooling cycles come and go

Personally I think if we stop the pollution that we should ban all plastic, which is made from oil, prohibit imports from countries that are polluting factories, and give a tax rebate of $ 2,500 for every car bought to get 35-49 miles per gallon (mpg), $ 3,500 for cars get 50-75 miles per gallon and $ 5,000 for cars getting 76-100 mpg. This type of grant that hybrids, hydrogen and electric cars profitable for automakers.

Well, what about the memory card? Well, I say forget about grades, leaders Democrats in Congress just changed the grading system in the United States to accommodate and conceal the fact that they are no longer world leaders in almost anything. It is not politically right to encourage individual excellence, leadership, innovation or exceptional performance in a socialist world, if that's what you want the left wing. I say give them a blank report card as well as report cards of our public school students get. How else could we have the highest cost of education in the world and the worst results of most developed countries?

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The author has done a little of this and a lot of that from the White House staff to the newsroom, National Geographic to Madison Avenue, Russia to Ireland, and New York City to LA.

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