Alaska Trout Fishing

December 14, 2007 7:43 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska trout fishing
Fishing in Canada and Alaska?

We are planning a 20-day trip from Seattle to Anchorage and back and we would try to catch some salmon and trout (spinning). We would like some information about: 1) equipment (rod, reel, line, baby fish) 2) Some land or river in way in which we can try to fish (we are not asking for some secret place … just the most common) 3) Place where you can find about fishing and license April fishing rules) Any suggestions 🙂 tip and thank you very much for all the answers! ps information. catch and release only!

Well the most favorable to catch salmon and trout is approximately 3 hours outa anchor. its called the Kenai River, power of heard of him. but you can hire a guide It has all the Thng need or can go fishing off the docts. you really can use any rod or reel really ugly stick I use for trout and any kind of bait launcher.

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